Mitch Landrieu Transition New Orleans

Five days after Mitch Landrieu was elected Mayor of New Orleans in 2010, he launched Transition New Orleans to help prepare his administration for office. The transition team identified challenges and opportunities and provided information to guide the new mayor. Unprecedented public input was sought, and 17 task forces were created to gather valuable input and advice from hundreds of experts and community leaders.

As Director of Communication, Ragusa developed and implemented a strategy to engage and inform the community. He created the messaging platform that guided all communication, including speeches and daily talking points. Additionally, Ragusa organized dozens of community meetings and managed an onslaught of media requests. The BP Gulf oil spill occurred in the midst of the transition, requiring Ragusa to help manage the crisis early in the tragedy.

Since taking office, Landrieu has enjoyed overwhelming public support and represented a new era of politics in New Orleans. Ragusa has provided public relations support for the Mayors post election campaign and select initiatives.