Sen. Morrell: Vote YES on School Board Millage

Dear Friend,On Saturday, December 6th, please consider voting for the school board millage.The money captured by renewing and re-purposing this assessment will provide funds for the maintenance of all the public schools, new and old, that our children use throughout the city, as well as emergency repairs for these buildings that may come up.

The children of this city, whether in charters, direct-run RSD or OPSB schools, deserve to be in buildings that won’t be decaying in a few years. Our children and teachers should be focused on education, not whether their schools have heating or the roofs are leaking.

This is not a new problem. I was a student at McDonogh #15 Elementary School in the 1990s when it underwent a multi-million dollar renovation. Before the renovation the building was literally falling apart with stairs crumbling under students feet.My mother, Cynthia Hedge-Morrell, was the principal at the time.  She was excited and elated at the prospect of giving kids a state of the art facility in which to grow and learn.Five years later, the floors were cracking and walls were riddled with termite damage. The Orleans Parish School Board had never set aside money to maintain schools like McDonogh #15. I had to watch my mother’s frustration as all her hard work was falling apart.

I want a better learning environment for our children.

Let’s work together to give this generation the schools that they deserve. Please give this issue thoughtful consideration, it’s extremely important. I’m voting yes and I hope you will too.

-JP Morrell

Louisiana State Senator, District 3