Mardi Gras World & Kern Studios

Since 1932, Kern Studios has been behind the majority of New Orleans’ parades, and it ranks as the worlds leading maker of floats, sculptures, and props. As one of New Orleansmost unique attractions, Mardi Gras World offers visitors a chance to see the Kern Studios artisans at work as they bring Mardi Gras to life. Ragusas strategies have earned significant positive attention for the company, landing countless features in major news outlets, including:

  • Appetite for Life with Andrew Zimmern
  • The Ellen Degeneres Show
  • Forbes
  • ESPN
  • Travel Channel
  • CBS News
  • E! News
  • NFL Network
  • HISTORY’s Top Gear USA
  • The Chicago Sun Times
  • Inc. Magazine
  • Southern Living
  • The Artie Lange Show
  • The Daily
  • Where
  • Garden & Fun
  • HISTORY’s “Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy”

Client Info

Kern Studios creates the large scale sculptures, props, and floats that make up several of the world's most impressive parades and events, including New Orleans' Mardi Gras and the museum Mardi Gras World.