About Ragusa

Ragusa is a public relations consultancy specializing in senior level counsel to clients facing dynamic issues pertaining to their public images.

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate PR
Ragusa provides public relations services to help businesses increase visibility, enhance profiles, garner marketshare, increase revenue, attract new hires, and connect with customers.

Political & Governmental PR
Ragusa specializes in positioning candidates, campaigns, and government agencies to meet their strategic objectives.

Crisis Communication
Recognized as a premier crisis manager, Ragusa specializes in navigating clients through public challenges to their reputations. Ragusa’s award-winning approach to crisis communication has been the subject of industry presentations and national news articles. Whether in the midst of crisis or needing to prepare, Ragusa can help.

Issues Management
Ragusa is skilled in managing public policy and reputation issues that can affect organizations’ success.

Litigation Public Relations
Oftentimes, a person’s reputation or a corporate brand can suffer during the course of a legal dispute or adjudicatory process. Ragusa works hand in glove with legal teams to help protect clients’ reputations before and during trials. All too often cases are tried simultaneously in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion. A well-designed PR plan can help achieve winning verdicts in both.


Projects receive precisely the team they need to successfully meet objectives — no more, no less.


When you hire Ragusa, you get senior-level counsel — not an associate with less experience.


To meet the demands of a 24-hour news cycle, clients enjoy virtually around-the-clock access to Ragusa.

Todd Ragusa

Todd Ragusa’s experience conceptualizing and managing campaigns has earned him a reputation as one of the top public relations strategists in the Gulf South.