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Ragusa’s unique approach to public relations is rooted in a comprehensive strategy that encompasses everything from branding to media relations. The Steps to Connect offer a sure-fire method to create the right message and deliver it to the appropriate audience:
Step 1. Defining the Goal. – Identify the priorities, competitive advantage, and audience to build the foundation of a sound strategy.

Identifying the goal, or target at which all your efforts will aim, is essential to success. Then a competitive advantage must be defined and leveraged to ensure that the organization is well positioned because of its unique offerings. Finally, capturing the interest of the market involves “selling” the service, and with any good sales strategy, knowing the audience is key.

Step 2. Analyzing the Audience. – Conduct market research to uncover what motivates the targeted audience and how to reach them.

The public relations strategy is two-fold. First, the media must cover the story, and, second, the media coverage must be enticing enough for the audience to react positively. As such, once it is known precisely to whom the message will be geared, research must be conducted to identify what motivates them.

Step 3. Planning for Success. – Develop a comprehensive communication plan to put the organization ahead of the competition.

With the goal and audience always in mind, a strategic communication plan will be created to guide the public relations efforts and build support from stakeholders, media, and other key audiences. Objectives will be crafted along with supporting strategies and tactics for each.

Step 4. Delivering the Message. – Execute the plan, connect with the targeted audience, and measure the results.

Once developed, the plan will be aggressively executed to reach the desired goal. Research will be conducted throughout the course of the project in order to stay abreast of industry trends, outside developments, and the plan’s effectiveness.

The Steps to Connect serve as a road map for developing and implementing a successful public relations strategy.